I like to share this short bio of my history to show trading has been in the family for a long time.

Michel Cadotte (July 22, 1764 – July 8, 1837) (also spelled Michael, Cadott, Cadeau, and other variations) or (OjibweKechemeshane (or Gichi-miishen in the contemporary spelling) "Great Michel") was a Métis fur trader of Ojibwe and French-Canadian descent who dominated business in the area of the south shore of Lake Superior.

He gained a strategic alliance through marriage to Ikwesewe, the daughter of the head of the White Crane clan; men from this clan were the hereditary chiefs of the Lake Superior Ojibwe. Cadotte's trading post at La Pointe on Madeline Island was a critical center for the trade between the Lake Superior band and the British and United States trading companies.